Customer Focused Technology

Intelligent, multichannel e-commerce technology.


Here at Eysys, we know that customers each behave differently and have subtle differences in their motivation at each stage of their online purchase decision cycle. We also know the process is never linear but, there is always some call-to-action in that process that encourages an individual buyer to move from one stage to the next and progress towards purchase on your website. Holistic provides the solution to encourage buyers to move from start to finish. 

Holistic is a customer focused technology consisting of a suite of modules which understands and learns about the user's behavior, preferences and buying pattern. This allows clients to target the right customer at the right time, which increases online conversions. Machine learning aids our system to learn about customers buying patterns, this powers teams with dynamic customer profiles and a list of 'hot leads'. Holistic is versatile, it has been adopted by large OTAs as well as small specialist companies, offering a range of modules which can be deployed fully or individually.

How it Works

In outline what we do is take your catalogue / product inventory combined with system user activity data and process in the Holistic “Stage and Theme Classifier”. This is then exposed to the outside world through three discrete modules working synergistically as part of a suite. Alternatively individual modules can be implemented alongside existing solutions.


Holistic CRM

Holistic CRM uses machine learning and sophisticated data analytics the system learns about the customer’s buying patterns, this powers the system to create dynamic profiles of users and generate list of ‘hot leads’.

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Holistic CMS

Our very own Content Management System that lets you manage your own website content and blog with ease. Our module "Pagesets" enables you to automatically create your landing pages from your product catalogue.

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Holistic Personalise

Our personalise module delivers relevant web content, offers and advertising even to anonymous users. Personalise uses machine learning and sophisticated data analysis which improves engagement and increase the purchase likelihood.

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Web development

Using our CMS, we craft incredible web and mobile experiences. From understanding and defining your strategy for your digital experiences, we deliver the complete package through design and development to maximise your online brand

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Pay per Click

Our Pay Per Click service is a unique approach to direct traffic to websites faster, more efficient and more effective using our own bespoke technology - maximising return on investment.

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Using fourth generation technology our travel cache database provides accurate pricing, real-time availability, faceting capabilities, best-in-class rich content, through our easy to use API.

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Harmony is an innovative new sales platform for agencies. Although highway is standalone selling system it is the perfect partner for our other products.

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