Holistic CMS

Manage your own website content and blog with ease


Our Content Management System is specifically created for the travel industry with simplicity and flexibility in mind for both developers and editors. CMS enables you to manage your own website content and blog with ease, our simple system provides flexible websites powering both B2B and B2C websites.

CMS provides you with the ability to generate optimised ‘pagesets’ based off product catalogue data. While supporting template editing, versioning, multilanguage and white labelling.



Sites allows you to manage your website content with ease. The highly visual layout and simple design means that anyone can use it. Sites also enables you to clone your website so that you can easily create multiples for easy internationalisation and localisation. You can either clone it by each individual part, or in whole depending on what you need.


Sites also has a simple blogging function that allows you to create and populate news and/or blog feeds on your website. It also provides you with the option of live editing, so you can see your changes instantly, and archiving, so that accidental deletes can be reversed and older versions reinstated.


Pagesets provides mass production of landing pages for pay-per-click adverts, so that you have a unique and highly optimised landing page for each product and its variables for every advert campaign. Pagesets uses the data from Catalogues so that your landing pages are always up-to-date and, if you are using Monetise, in line with the adverts produced by Ad Builder.