Holistic CRM


Holistic CRM learns who will buy what and when from you. The system uses machine learning and sophisticated data analytics to create dynamic profiles of users and generate list of ‘hot leads’. Holistic CRM powers intelligent marketing, Holistic Personalise, customer understanding and lead ranking.



Events Tracking

Holistic CRM tracks and records 'events' and uses this tracking to create dynamic users profiles. Examples of 'events' include emails, web searches, calls, offer views and quotes. Events tracking aid the system to predict the buying stage a user is in, this triggers the system to power intelligent marketing communications.

Hot Leads

This is a report module focused on visitors in the “buying” stage, this helps power direct marketing and outbound call teams with intelligent leads, recommendations and site recommendations. We train this engine by looking at people who have booked (training set) and look at their interaction behaviour.

Visitor Finder

Visitor Finder is a one screen view on how the system will see a visitor, outlining their activity within the website.  The profile of the user will include their activity, when and what a user does on the site. Their theme is the overall picture the engine has built on them and final recommendations, the top 3 recommendations that user may be interested in.

Visitor Segmentation

Visitor segmentation is a custom analysis tool used to create reports on a set of visitors and is used to power focused marketing and communication to users who have exhibited user-defined behaviour on the site.