Why choose eysys



Founded in 2012 Eysys is a fast-growing technology company specialising in intelligent ecommerce systems to help improve conversion and enable businesses to make more efficient use of marketing spend.


Eysys three core products Holistic, Harmony and Highway

  • Holistic - an intelligent ecommerce and CRM system with full connectivity for all major travel types
  • Highway - a new travel cache using latest search technology to aggregate supplier data. Supports search, cost and book with key suppliers for all major travel types.
  • Harmony - our Retail Selling Platform including loyalty, offering the ability to book multiple travel types in both B2B and B2C portals


We provide full customer view, transactional ecommerce and digital marketing. We use machine learning to enhance conversion and maximise marketing spend for leisure travel

Our team of technology experts deliver intelligent solutions for our partners. We are proven allies to our customers in the travel technology sector and also outside travel.

Our customers trust us to drive their growth and profitability, by investing in our industry expertise and our high-quality technology systems. Enabling our customers to plan, sell and manage travel products effectively.


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